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I was told $30 / 20G and the first bill charged me $80 without my consent

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Last year I change fido to koodo. Two months ago, fido team called me and told me I could come back fido with the price $30/20G data.  So, I moved two mobile phone lines back to Fido.   In my first bill, I was totally shocked. The charge is $80/20G data.    I had the online chat with fido staff and they said 

"this is the first invoice, 2 bill periods were billed per line, however the discount was only applied on 1 period per line. I will manually adjust the missing discount on the current bill. You will see this as a credit on your next invoice."  

I asked them to refund the extra charge to my credit card immediately because   I was NOT informed about the situation that mentioned by the online fido staff. The fido staff rejected me.   IT IS TOTALLY UNFAIR TO HAVE MY OVERCHARGE WITHOUT REFUND IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE OF FIDO'S MISTAKE !!!!   

The online fido staff said a supervisor will call me in three days. I still need to wait.    

Hope Fido can improve; otherwise, I will move back to Koodo or other carriers soon !!!



Hello @tcbtss,


Thank you for the details.


We'd need to look into your account to understand what happened exactly. It appears that you already escalated this to a supervisor though. Were you able to speak to them?


Generally, a discount/promotion is offered for a specific time and only once per month (example: $10 off for 12 months). 


If you completed your transaction in the middle of your bill cycle, there will be partial charges on your bill from your activation date to the end of your bill cycle, plus charges for the next full month of service.


Your first bill will have a discount that applies only to the first full month of service. It won’t include an additional discount for the partial charges.

This will appear on your bill as 2 separate credits that add up to one month’s discount. However, you will still get the remaining 11 months.


Hope this clarifies!