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I haven't received my $50 giftcard

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I haven't received this promo and I signed up on the basis of receiving it. Your prices weren't as competitive as the other service providers but I was convinced based on receiving this gift card. I have not received it and made several attempts to email your promotions department with no answer. I have also called 4 times in the last two months and no one was able to help.


I asked that they add a credit to my account for the amount that was promised as the gift card and they are not willing to help. They keep insisting I will be receiving it but I know for a fact I will not be receiving it at this point. 


I will be submitting a complaint to the CRTC on the basis of misleading promotions. I have reviewed threads and it looks like a number of people are affecting by the same issue and this falls under false advertising. 




Hey @hyoussef


The offer for the gift-card was a pretty popular one that caused some delays, however it looks like you've waited a long time.


Did you check your spam folder to see if you haven't missed out on the email confirmation for the gift card?


I'll send you a PM shortly so we can take a look at it together.


Talk soon!