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I didn't receive my phone

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I got message from Purolator and relized my pakage has been delivered to my old address. However, I told the angent to change my address during the first phone call. I called again to request address change after I got conformation letter that showed my old address on "Ship to". I had told address has been updated by the second angent... Now my phone showed delivered but I didn't recive it at all! 


Good morning @Annie28 , sorry to hear that you didn't receive your phone. That's unsettling for sure. Did you call purolator back to find out where they delivered to and whether a signature was obtained? You should contact Fido right away about this by using one of these methods contact-us , and have them track it down. Really hope they get your device back on track to you. all the best