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I cannot make a payment via app or online because both do not work...

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

How am I supposed to pay a bill when both the app and the website do not allow me to pay for my bill... I have tried clearing my cache and all the other suggested changes to fix this problem, I cannot pay any other way and I don't understand why I still have a subscriber account.... WAste my time more....



Hey @yge053 Smiley 

Sorry to hear about this! Did any of the suggestions by @Original_Lucy help you access your account? 


Keep us posted. 

Good morning @yge053 , that sounds frustrating. If I may suggest trying a different browser. I have had a few issues on pay sites that wouldn't accept my payments. I switched to Chrome for one site and then on another site it seemed to work with Firefox. If that doesn't work for you and if you are close to a Fido store or bank, you could pay your bill there. If you go to a Fido store, you could ask for assistance from someone there who may have experience with your particular device. If it's an android, Chrome usually works well. If it's ios, safari may not play nice with some pay sited. I hope that gave you a few ideas to work with and that you are able to get everything sorted. Best regards