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I am terribly disappointed in FIDO

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have been a long time Fido customer going back almost 5 years.


In early Feb 2021 I decided to switch carriers after I noticed that Fido's customer service was starting to wane.


I found the  customer service people to be careless and always promising things that were never delivered.


As such I decided to switch carriers.


Fast forward, FIDO's win back team contacted me and promised me all kinds of goodies to entice me back.


Fast forward again the first bill came in and not one of the promises was met.


I called and called and called maybe 10 times, and nothing was resolved.


They would always tell me that the 'back office' would be handling it.


The famous 'back office' where no one seems to do anything. 


I finally returned the phone and am looking for a bring your own phone  carrier. I will only pay cash. I will never allow them to charge me on my CC or to have pre-authorized payments.


The phone carriers today don't  seem to care. They dont show any respect for the customer.


In summary I would say FIDO has failed to keep me as a customer.  I have always been  a loyal customer.


I always say, its easier to keep the customers you have then to go find new ones.


OF course to all the big wigs at FIDO that doesnt seem to be their business model.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Al030621,    


Welcome to the Community.  


I am sorry to see you had this kind of experience. It's definitely not the kind of thing we want for any of our customers! It's unfortunate that there were delays while applying your offer.  


If you would like us to take another look into this, you can reach out through any of the available options found on our Contact Page.    


We can also send you a PM from here if you prefer. Let us know