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I am extremely frustrated and feel like i just got scam multiple times

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Two years ago I went to a Fido store because I got a promotion that would give me a galaxy A tablet for free include with 4gb of data (promotion code: OFR4280) because of my LOYALTY (or at least that what the text message and the staff there told me exactly so). The staff somehow made a mistake and I notice that I got charged 15$ for the monthly plan for that tablet. Now I'm stuck with a tablet plan that I don't even need. I called Customer Service to solve this and they told me that because the plan was activated in-store so there is no evidence that the staff make a mistake and I need to go back to the store to talk to them. I went to the store and the staff has already quitted so I talk to another staff. He told me that he know the other guy and he would file a report about my situation then call me back after 1 or 2 weeks. a few months go by and still no call, I contact customer service again and they told me the same thing. But back then since covid, that store was temporarily closed for months. More than a year goes by and I truly believe that Fido just would not care because it has been too long. I am now paying for a tablet with a plan every month that I never actually touch.

Today I decided to quit Fido because of such customer service. I called in to cancel my plan and the female agent asked me why. I told her that I am frustrated with the bad customer service and apology. She told me that she will cancel that tablet plan and I would get a refund for the amount that I paid for the last two years. 

Guess what!!! I just received an email notifying me that I just enrolled in the same tablet plan for another 2 years. 

I am so so Frustrated right now, who should I reach out to? is there anyone in Fido actually want to help me?



Hello @rachelhoc , so sorry to hear about your experience and no one would want that to happen. This is something that can only be solved by Fido customer service. You can contact through various channels such as twitter, Facebook, live chat at, or calling *611 from your device. I am truly sorry that you are having this frustration. We are a peer support community forum and don't have the ability to look at account information, that is a job for the very capable CSR's. I hope you get a resolution. best regards