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Huge Bill due to loss of long distance option

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

i got a huge bill of $800 and they refuse to adjust . i am using the fido from many months. I requested add on data and representative told me a plan with more data and told me to do it online .I also requested that I dont want any other changes in plan rather than just adding extra data. Representative made me sure that no other changes will take place and I will be get extra data in this new plan. i also had $10 discount before and she said it will stay same after plan will be changed. i had long distance minutes before. they didn't mention that i am gonna loose it but my mistake was after changing the plan, they send me the email but i have read it completely in which they mention the deduction of long distance minutes. i haven't checked it because of less time and i believed in what representative said about no other changes. it was not completely my fault. But they sent me the huge bill that i unable to pay. Its already covid time and not have that much income and they refused to verify representative mistake. they put all things on me. They should consider their fault too as i requested just about data add on.


I should not be paying this bill because its not my fault if your representative is not well educated and doesn't know much about the plans. she suggested me the new plan and I activated it. she failed to inform me the changes in my plan which is totally her fault and I shouldn't be paying 800 dollars for someone's else mistake. furthermore, Due to covid situation I am not getting enough hours to even put the food on my table. so, paying 800 dollars will break me. I can't pay the bill.


so, After considering all the above factors, I kindly request you to compensate my bill. I shall be very thankful to you regarding this.


Your loyal customer, Jasleen S.



Hello @Jasleensodhi,


Welcome to the community!


When changing a plan that all features would be removed and the features of the new plan would take effect, as I understand you had called regarding more data and were advised you can change to the plan with more data which you reluctantly did. While the agent might not have notified you the long-distance minutes will also be removed you were notified with the confirmation email that was sent to you. 


Since you did make the calls you would be responsible for the charges, if you are unable to make the full payments you can reach out to the Credit Operations Department and set up a payment arrangement. You can get more info about that here.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I had the exact same experience, why not at least meet the customers half way