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How to suspend temporary my number

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I have to travel for few months , so is there any way i can stop all fees or susbend?

and if i want to recieve msgs roaming outside canada , what is the fees ?


best regards


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @feras103, welcome to the Community!

We can add a temporary suspension on your line at the beginning of a new cycle for a period of 2 to 12 months. It's required that you're not currently under an agreement and that you haven't had the account suspended in the last 12 months. The cost of the suspension is $30 a month. The fees need to be paid in advance or you need to have a pre-authorized payment active on your account. You can find the means to contact us here!


As for using your service outside of Canada, it is possible! The cost of the usage would depends of your destination, but now our plans comes with Fido Roam Smiley It's $12 per day ($7 in the US) to be able to use what is included in your plan, like if you were at home! You would be charged a maximum of 15 days per billing cycle, the rest is on us. You'll need to verify if your destination is eligible for the Fido Roam daily rate or if the Pay-per-Use rate would apply. You'll find more information here!


Hope that helps Smiley

Hello FidoThomas,


  Is it possible to use Fido Roam with an account which has been temporarily suspended? My understanding was that all services would be suspended for the allotted time period.



Hey @Cawtau.

You are definitely right.

Basically, Fido Roam is included in our plans. However, if you have a temporary suspension, it's not possible to use that option.

From what I can see, @FidoThomas was presenting the option to suspend or to use Fido Roam if the customer is out of the country. 

To avoid the confusion, I would like to clarify that it's not possible to use those 2 options at the same time, it's one or the other Smiley