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How to get back $50 from FIDO or add it to my balance?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

From my BMO account pais 50 $CAD on March 6th to my prepaid account. It never came to my prepaid balance. After some time, week or so, called support and the representative promised to send back this amount to my CC registered with FDO. It is now more than month and no money came. I tried online chat and this was totally useless. I can send you the convesation log, shame how helpless I felt. NOW Questions to FIDO:

1. Why is it so complicated to send this money to my prepaid account instead of my CC?

2. Why is FIDO site changed so that prepaid has no functionality at all?

3. Why is FIDO so unfair to longtime customers like myself. Most of my history with FIDO I was postpaid customer,  unfortunatelly now I am retiree over 75 Y old and prepaid $15 plan is what I can afford. In addition, I do not want contract because my life can end any moment. 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hi there @mpavlov


Sorry to learn of the delays for processing your reimbursement. That is a unusually long delay. 


There is unfortunately little the Fido Community can do to assist you with this. Only customer support can assist you with this request 


As for your second question; it was a business decision to discontinue the My Account portal for prepaid customers, seeing how they have the IVR at their disposal.