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How to cancel internet in Ontario

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

My one year $50 special internet is ending at end of December. Can this be extended? I am going to leave if I still cannot get this price.


Please tell me how to cancel my internet. Or for the love of g-d, have someone call me. Worst customer service ever.



Hello @tonif,


Welcome to the community!


If you would like to cancel your service or discuss a promotional discount extension you will need to contact customer service directly, you can reach out to them through any of the available methods listed here.

Hi there @tonif , are you asking about mobile data or home internet?  If home internet, you would have to post in the home internet forum. If mobile data, there are many great options available for you to look at. 

Just a reminder that we are a community based forum and don't have any abilities to access any accounts.  Best to contact Fido Here