How to block a phone number?

How to block a phone number?

How to block a phone number?

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How to block a phone number?

Since acquisition of my new phone with Fido (since May 21, 2012), i started to receive calls from 1-877-866-9930.  They hang-up as soon as I answer and once it shipped me ``on hold``!  I believe it could be a spam call, therefore I wish to block their number from my IPhone 4S.  How can I do so?  Thanks in advance



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Re: How to block a phone number?

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Fido does not offer call blocking. I recommend registering your mobile number with the National Do No Call List which can be found at Once listed, if they call you again you can report them to the Government of Canada. Granted you have no previous ties to the company calling. For example, if you left Bell to sign up with Fido, Bell is exempt from this service because you have a past relationship with them and they are allowed to phone you still. In addition, you might have to change your phone number or just ignore them when you see their caller ID. Indeed, I also wish Fido offered call barring.

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Please DO NOT provide your number to "National Do No Call List"

If you do, your number been sent to all known Telemarketing companies; if you even did not receive any spam call from some; YOU WILL START receiving calls, by law supposed to stop calling and remove your number after a while but that never happens, made this mistake and had to change my number which is temporary solution.

In Canada use your smart phone to block known numbers using your phone but might ended-up with voice messages from some; person would not leave message but robot caller would; since robot callers change number each time call you; there is no way to block them.

Only best solution is to block number (not robot callers number) from provider level which is not available in Canada; I know Fido do not offer such service as I asked for it many times.


Hey @Mokoch,


I'm sad to learn about your experience as it shouldn't be the case. 


Registering to the National Do Not Call List lets you reduce the number of unsolicited telemarketing calls you get from companies with whom you have no existing business relationship and it shouldn't increase this number. While there is a delay to the process, telemarketers have 14 days to update their information after the registration. 


Blocking those numbers when possible is definitely a great suggestion, thanks for sharing it with the Community! 



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Fido's 1-877-866-9930 phone number is continuing to call me multiple times daily. I am in the UK and am not answering to tell them to STOP calling me. Why is my number suddenly being spammed with unsolicited phone calls after buying a smartphone from Fido? I never got these calls previously with my old phone? I did not pay extra money for a new phone to be bothered by these repeat calls. Maybe Fido's marketing department should take the hint and STOP auto-redialing OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. I really despise these 3rd party companies all these companies use and can seemingly never control. I would advise Fido think about a policy of not auto-dialing numbers endlessly, it's 2014, NOBODY wants to be bothered with spam calls every day. 

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Hi TimD,


I'm sorry to hear about this. Can you send me a private message (click on my name, and you'll see the option on the right side of the page) with your phone number? I'll remove your number from our marketing lists. 


You may also log in to My Account and chat with a representative to do this. 

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This may be old news, but on an iPhone 4 with iOS 7, simply go to the recent call list, find the offending phone nmber, touch the circular "i" (information) button to the right and then scroll down to the bottom and select "Block this caller". Voila! I was never the victim of spam calls while living on Vancouver Island but since moving to Vancouver my phone has been parasitized. And I tried using CRTC's National Do Not Call List but I don't have much confidence in it in part because its descriptive criteria for the telemarketing event are often too specific (savvy marketers don't specify their "industry" or "name", two information fields CRTC wants you to fill out on the DNCL telemarketing complaint form), in part because government investigations likely take much longer than it takes a telemarketers' numbers to mutate, and in part because it screwed up (I inputted 2 complaints and then tried to do a 3rd and inexplicably the website showed an error message allegedly because my cell # "wasn't registered" or was "registered on the DNCL for fewer than 31 days" - ridiculous). Good luck!

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One of the reasons I believe we do not offer this is because of the privacy laws of incoming call details. Legally we are not allow to register incoming call numbers, etc.


If you have an Android phone, you can block any number from calling you. Simply go to your CALL HISTORY, hold your finger on the number you are wanting to block, and choose "Block".


As far as blackberry & iPhones, you may have to download an App to block it.


- Cassandra


I am a Fido employee, but my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of Fido or its affiliates. Je suis un(e) employé(e) de Fido mais mes commentaires sont les miens et ne reflètent pas nécessairement le point de vue.

*** I am a Fido employee, but my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of Fido or its affiliates. Je suis un employé de Fido mais mes commentaires sont les miens et ne reflètent pas nécessairement le point de vue de Fido ou d’une société de son groupe. ***
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Same problem here but I guess my number is close to a drug dealers number.i get junkies calling and asking for drugs all day and night.tried to block them .even the RCMP said just change your number.big help they were
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There are plenty of free call blocking apps for Android, and probably for iPhone/BB too. Simple easy fast solution.

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The phone number you listed in the original post is 1-877-866-9930


I looked it up and it's a Fido number

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Hey Khalsasikh!

Your message is empty. Did you have any question?

Please note that nick67's answer is accurate and that the only other option at this time is to have your phone number changed.

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Why exactly does Fido not offer this service? How is this possible? This company has been around for over a decade.

Will this be possible soon?

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Excellent question.  No answer in 2+ years.  So, why doesn't fido give its customers phone blocking when other companies do?  Why is Fido helping spammers spam us?

Hey @JoJo10 and welcome to the Community.

We certainly don't want any of our customers to be spammed.

We hear you and I will make sure to forward your comments to the people in charge.


Meanwhile, for any unwanted calls or message that you receive, I invite you to visit this page here.


And if you need help with anything, don't hesitate to reach out.





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Hello Everyone,

Currently Fido does not offer any service to block your incoming calls. As previously mentioned you can chose to register your number on the National Do Not Call List. This may provide some relief from "Spam" calls. If this does not work then you can always consider changing your phone number. Note that if you chose this route there is a charge of $25 in most cases.
Good luck!

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Hi Fido 

Okay, so your company does not want to spend money creating an app that would serve your customers to block unwanted calls. I understand it is so much easier from a business model to shift the responsibility to the government. 

This does not solve the problem that I am being charged .40  for every incoming call that is not recognized.

Could you not create something where phone numbers are acknowledged by way of a persons phone book. If it is in my phone book the call comes through if not it is sent a message is sent to the caller that they are not registered. They would then be required to provide name, phone, and address for caller verification. Then I would either accept or reject with the option of sending a note back to the recipient either personal or standard rejection. If tinder can do it why can't Fido?  

Hey there @ljfawkes1


Welcome to the community Smiley


Do you currently have Call display available in your plan? To clarify, all our in market plans include this feature now, and the feature will enable you to view the incoming caller's number. Calls are only charged when the call connects/when you accept the call. In other words, if you ever decide to reject it, we do not charge you for unanswered calls.


You also have the option to save the numbers calling you to your contact list, this way you'll be able to identify them the next time they call. That being said, blocking incoming calls works differently. There's actually a lot of existing third party apps that have the ability to do that.


Solutions offered on our end are limited. Having a block added on your Fido line will simply restrict all your network access for calls, which is not the best solution. As for the reason why we do not block numbers on our end, it was previously explained by @Cawtau:

It's not about potential loss of spammers as customers or losing revenue. It's about trying to protect innocent customers whose numbers have been spoofed. While the likelihood of spammers spoofing your number might be small -- given the vast pool of numbers to choose from, it's possible. How would you feel if the networks blocked all of your services seemingly for no reason? Even if they didn't block your services per se, blocking your number would mean that you couldn't call or message anyone. All your calls and/or messages would be blocked. That's what would happen if they blocked numbers at the network level.

We also thank you for your feedback, but Tinder and Fido do not offer the same services. As a service provider, we need to abide with the rules and regulations in place. To put it in simple terms, we would simply suggest rejecting calls that you do not recognize (not saved in your contact list on your phone). That is also the general rule on how to avoid spam calls.


Hope this helps and let us now if you have any questions.

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pammers do not adhere to the do not call list so why would beiing added help.


I have 5 phones with Fido and on the verge of moving to another service.


Add call block to end the frustration.



Hello Icarson,


  Welcome to the community!


  You're right, spammers do not adhere to the Do Not Call list. However, registering on the list should prevent calls from actual telemarkers.


  Unfortunately there isn't much that can be done to prevent SPAM calls. Often, they use spoofed phone numbers to hide their true identification. As such, the networks cannot simply block those numbers because they usually belong to unsuspecting parties. Your numbers could have even been used to spoof phone calls to other people.


  I understand SPAM phone calls and SMS are annoying and frustrating to receive. However, until the technology is available to identify the true callers, there isn't a whole lot that can be done. You should note that the spammers do not limit their calls to Fido. Changing providers won't likely stop the SPAM.


Hope this helps Smiley



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Sorry Cawtau, I have to disagree, there IS much that can be done, its just a matter of will it increase profits for the one that decides to do it.


The " technology " is available, I have it with my Ooma phone service. I can block any number i choose, or subscribe to an ever updating list of known spammer numbers,, It works, because I never get spam calls on my Ooma service.


Given, that Ooma is a VOIP service, so it is slightly different to my Fido cell and home phones, which are both radio services. Both my Fido home service and cell service are routed through a Fido server at some point. If it was not, there would be no way of tracking my minutes, data usage, long distance etc for me to billed. Fido knows who I call and who is calling me.


Surely there is a way to have those servers block transmissions from user selected phone numbers before they even ring the users device, be it home or cell phone. Or, only allow calls from numbers selected by user to pass though, and send all others to a pre recorded do not call message.


The fact this thread is still alive years later, indicates to me that the potential loss of spammers as customers of Fido, vs the small increase in existing customers satisfaction just isnt going to make the share holders happy. After all, If im in the business of telemarketing, or spamming, Im going to need to be a subscriber to at least some form of telecom company. If all the telecom companies kicked spammers off their networks, there would be no more telemarketers. But which telecom company will be willing to give up the revenue first? None im afraid, this will need to become a CRTC ruling for them to act on it.


The phone number that I was last spammed with was searched on Yellow pages over 10,000 times in the last 14 days. They have changed the last 4 digits three times in as many months. Yet Telus, the telecom company that is listed as the provider for the spammers number,  has not shut them down. Im sure they pay thier bill on time every month.


Sorry for the long post,, But I found this thread in an effort to block this spammer from calling me. My wife and I are shift workers so ringing phones all day is just not going to work in this house.


FIDO,, you need to put your customers first ! At this point I dont see any benefit to keeping my Fido home phone over my Voip service. If it wont at least offer the same services that my VOIP service dose for less money.


I think Fido has a great product with the home telo device. It has great signal reception in my spotty cell service area, and the service plan is well priced, it works in a power outage for a while, but it needs to be able to block calls. Or better yet, add a page to were users can add a blocked call list to all thier devices. We all block emails that are know spam... Come on Fido,, be the first,, we will all thank you by staying loyal.