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How much I need to pay ?

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

This is my second invoice and the amount 50.85 appeared to me, but In the balance appears 11.30 more. I don't know what is this amount because I already paid the fees in the first invoice. 
On the other hand, we hire the internet of the house and we do not know when or how to pay it.
Thank you 

Carla V



Hey @Carloju


Welcome abord the Community!


Your monthly invoice usually reflects the amount of your services that you have to pay before a due date. However, if you've made a payment before your second invoice was published, it could be a different amount as it would have lowered your due account balance.


To clarify, do you see the same due balance on, fido application or if you dial *28 from your fido mobile?


As for your home internet, you can take a look at your invoice through your account as well. If both your wireless and internet accounts are linked, you simply need to click on the drop-down menu under on the mobile tab to select internet. You can find the payment methods here.