Horrible customer service experience

Horrible customer service experience

Horrible customer service experience

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Horrible customer service experience

A couple of months ago I contacted fido regarding a situation I had , my home had caught on fire and I was trying to deal with everything and I was given a extension on paying my bill. The day I was supposed to make my payment I realized that my services were disconnected.  I called fido and the agent was very rude and informed me that I had to make my payment before she would consider turning my services back on. I then had made another payment 2 weeks ago and another one this morning, all to receive a phone call this afternoon regarding my past due amount which isn't due until January 13, 2020 . I am beyond frustrated with fido and am seriously considering paying out the remaining balance of my account and switching companies.  I have been a faithful customer since 2012 . 

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Hi @Dmarrie22 I'm so sorry for your lost and I hope all is going to get better for you this year.


You did good to call Fido on that day of your arrangement.

The day you were supposed to make your payment means the day Fido expected to receive it. Might have been a weekend day? Why Fido suspended it on that day is hard to say .. do you have any written confirmation or was this made all over the phone.


Anyways the tone is.still not acceptable for sure.


Make a further arrangements and make sure you have names and confirmation on your account about the payments you agreed to make. Further until the situation gets to a regular basis everytime you make a payment I suggest you to call billing and tell them to write it on your file.


Paying in advance your phone to free you away from your Fido engagement can cost you more immediately and not really a gain for cash flow.

I hope this helps, good luck!


Hey @Dmarrie22


I am truly sorry to hear about your house, I can only imagine how this situation must have been difficult for you. Our hope is that everything works out for you. Smiley


It's unfortunate that your experience with us hasn't been a positive one lately. It's definitely not the kind of service we aim to provide. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused you.


As @Scooby-Doo mentioned, when the payment arrangement is taken, we expect the payment to be received on a specific day to prevent any suspension or collection activity on the account. The email confirmation you receive should include the details of the payment arrangement. Depending on the payment method, it can take us a few days to receive the payment. It's also good to know that you have to use the same payment method as the one agreed to in the arrangement. We take into account how you’re paying and adjust the date we expect to receive it.


Having said that, there's no reason for us to call you today if there is no past due on your account. If you want us to look into this with you, you can send us a message through our Social Media channels as @KAPABLE-K mentioned or we can send you a PM right here. Let us know what you prefer.

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I have tried every possible way I can to have thos entire situation resolved,  from calling customer service,  emailing them to having this conversation with y'all.  I dont know what else to do if there's anything that can or will be done at all which I doubt anything will be done.  

Hey Dmarrie22!


Have you been able to contact our Credit Ops team?



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Hi @Dmarrie22 how's the weekend so far? 

You will make this happen dear.

Take a suggestion from @KAPABLE-K or from

  @FidoSaira to send you a direct message here also you can take this further suggestion "to communicate with our Credit Operations team to take a payment arrangement. You can reach them by dialing *732 directly from your mobile or 1-888-288-2106 from any phone"


Sincerely, sending you encouragements!

Hello @Dmarrie22 sorry to hear about the fire, I hope no one was hurt.


Regarding your interaction with the agent, that's definitely not the experience Fido would want you to have. It could be that the agent was inexperienced handling situations like this..


I would suggest you send a message to @FidoSolutions here in the community and a moderator can help you. The moderators here are pretty great at solving problems.


I wish you all the best at rebuilding what was lost.

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My payment was due on a Friday , I always make my payment arrangements on the same day as my paydays are. All the arrangements were made through phone conversation and a email regarding the arrangement is always sent to me . I explained that to the person I spoke with and she just wouldn't listen to me. Like I've said I've been a loyal customer since 2012 and never have I ever received such awful service like I have had over this past month 

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Hi @Dmarrie22  the phone call about the past due was a cross-communication I suppose you informed that you had made a payment in that morning and any further arrangements about any past due on your bill due Jan 13 and the regular bill extension too.


If need be escalate and speak with a manager about finding the terms balance to suit  and resolve your situation if needed. The staff should always be patient and courteous do tell  them you will not tolerate otherwise.

Best regards,



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I did ask to speak with a supervisor or manager and was told no because they were on the phone with someone else

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Hello @Dmarrie22  

This happens ok but you call them back before Monday or on Monday to have your past due amount and current month bill arrangements if you haven't have such arrangements already.  

If required if the supervisor is on another line you can wait or you can ask thelr name and call back.