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High bill due to calls to US first time

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I recently got the Fido plan and was not aware that every call I was making to US was charging me.

Now my current bill due to this has reached 178 dollars due to call made to US.

Even after reaching out the Helpdesk didn't get any help.Somebody please help in this matter as we are new to Canada



Hey @Pallavi3 !

Welcome to the Community. Smiley 

Sorry to learn that you got some unexpected charges on your bill! I understand that's never a pleasant experience.

That said, we do list the plan's details and what it includes in your online account, on the invoice, and when you activate online or in store. 
This would explain why the charges for US calling are valid, in your case. 


If you're planning to make more calls to the US in the future though, we do have some long distance add-ons you can benefit from!

As much as we'd love to assist you further from here, you'd need to reach out to customer service so they can look into the account and see if anything can be done.
They'll also be able to add the long distance feature on your line, should you wish to do so.

Hope this helps!