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Have I exceeded my Roaming data charges ?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

We were abroad in Europe on a 12 day pilgrimage tour when my husband was warded in a Hungarian hospital for an urgent appendectomy surgery (removal of appendix operation). We had to switch our phones to roaming to enable text messages and calls on my phone to come through when he was in hospital. I wasn't allowed in the ER and we had no other means of contact.  I had received a text from Fido saying there was $15 per day roaming charge in Europe, but I didn't record the data limit. I am now very concerned that I have exceeded my data limit and will been charged a great deal since I had not only to stay in contact with my husband, but our tour agent, Canadian travel company and insurance company over a few days to make urgent arrangements for his discharge and to stay in Hungary for additional days for his recovery. I also had to reach out to people back home for advice since few people in Budapest speak English. Can I now find out if I have exceeded my data limit and what my additional charges will be now I have returned home? Is there any way to seek compassionate dispensation for these charges? Both my husband and I are very long term Fido users and could use some help due to this emergency situation.


Good morning @CLimLab . So sorry to hear that you had a challenging time while in Europe. I do hope that your husband is recovering well. You should be able to check your real time data usage in the Fido app. As far as reviewing your charges, you will have to speak with a Fido customer service representative. You can call *611 from your device or use any of the methods Here to reach out to discuss your account concerns. I hope you both are recovering from your harrowing trip. Take care