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Get back an unassigned number

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Hi I'm looking at how to get back an unassigned phone Number. I've had it for years then lost it to someone else and that person cancelled the number. Now it's listed as unassigned. When I called the first time fido ménager told me that they need 60 days before they can retrieve that number back. So today it's been 60 days and when I called they said that it takes 6 months and they're is no way for them to retrieve it so I'm confused now. 



Hey @Aliabeg06


Once a number is cancelled, then it stays assigned to the original owner for 60 days.


Following this, the number is unassigned.


It will be necessary to contact our customer service so they can help you retrieve this number if it's available.


You can find the ways to reach us here.