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Frustration customer service experience

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I have been with Fido since 2008 until 2020. Where I switched over to Telus (Worst Decision Ever). 

End of September of 2023 I received a phone call from the Win Back team offering me 30 GB for 30 Dollars! What an offer!! I took it I was glad to be back with Fido. Come to getting the SIM cards for me and my partner. We get the cards and do the porting, there was a huge error on the companies side. We ended up fixing that, but in the process only one SIM card could be activated which was frustrating as it was nothing we could do on our end. 

I contacted FIDO on several occasions to get in contact with the win back team, they have to give you a "ticket" to receive a call back. Week after week I have been calling FIDO trying to get a new SIM card because TELUS thought I was porting in a new number not porting out which is the issue. 

Now apparently FIDO said they have been trying to contact me, but I have phone records showing that I have no received a phone call. I even scheduled a call back and waited by my phone. No call, but apparently they called me at 4 pm yesterday. 

I am on the phone with FIDO as we speak, just wanting to talk to a supervisor and I am being denied a supervisor, after 30 mins of being spoken to and put on hold I finally got a supervisor to give me a call in the NEXT THREE HOURS. She was communicating with the customer service rep, but not wanting to talk to me while I was on the phone ? And I find it silly that a huge company like FIDO can't speak to the win back team without a ticket? How does that even make sense. 

rant over