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Frustration at its peak

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1



After reading other people that how they were harassed by brightstar claims, I thought I should also explain my situation. I lost my phone a week ago 28th November. I uploaded all the documents and my utility bill get rejected. As a utility bill I uploaded my vehicle registration as they told me to. As a proof of address I uploaded my car insurance. I called them and they said that the document you uploaded has already been accepted as proof of address ( proof of insurance ).



So I asked what about the vehicle registration, they say it cannot be accepted. I live in British Columbia, we have the same document as proof of insurance and vehicle registration. They said we need two documents. I said I don’t have any other document. I was told to upload my lease agreement. I live with a family, so I rent a room in a house. So I asked my landlord to creat a lease agreement on a month to month basis, my mistake was that didn’t fill up the “ what is included “ section and I uploaded without filling it. It got rejected. So I uploaded again by making changes in my lease now they say we cannot accept the lease agreement anymore, you have to submit an alternate document.


I am so frustrated right now. I am out of documents. What am I suppose to do ? I am a permanent resident here, so I am not a student nor on work permit. I don’t have any other documents under my name apart from lease agreement, car insurance and vehicle registration. Please help me.



Hey @tanveervora,


I'm really sorry to read about your troubles with the claim, it's definitely not what we want you to experience!


Can you let us know if Brightstar gave you information on what the alternate documents that you can submit would be?


You can take a look at this thread to learn about all the documents that are accepted, do you have any of them available?