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Getting my last bill credit living abroad

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1



I have tried the chat multiple times for hours for several days and I always get that agents are busy. When I was in Canada, I would wait and eventually I'd get someone but now not.

I'm abroad (Portugal) and due to timezone differences, I'd prefer to address my issue by chat or e-mail. Is there an e-mail to where I can send my help request?

Before moving abroad, I had an agent assuring me that if I had a credit card defined as payment method, that then Fido would be able to return me the credit value to my card instead of sending a cheque (as I'm not living in Canada, I wouldn't be able to get it at my old address). As the value was not credited in my account, I want to figure how to solve this as soon as possible without paying a lot to call them (otherwise it's non-sense spending more than the credit I'm getting).


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!



Hey @avilasboaspt,


While we don't offer support through email, you can also reach out to us through a private message on Social Media and we'll be happy to help. It's definitely odd that you couldn't connect to Live Chat, it shouldn't be happening. I would suggest clearing the cache and cookies of your browser and then trying again. 


We can also send you a private message right here on the Community to take a look at your account, let us know what you prefer!