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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

It is so frustrating that loyal existing customers of 17 years are not able to have access to plans that are only for new customers! Reel them in and the tough luck!

We just upgraded a line back in February and the plan we need now(USA/CDN)  was not available and we are literally OUT OF LUCK apparently! It's disturbing and I'm so frustrated right now!! We go back and forth Cdn /us a lot and they can't help! Too bad .. use roam ... yes at 12$/a day but we can't have a plan that is

available to new clients cause we're being punished for being actual loyal existing clients. 

When asked to speak to the manager of a manager they mentioned that sometimes they just send an email to the client that there's no options. Gosh.. I hope that doesn't happen.   @supervisor @Fido



Hey there @Melissajf and welcome to the Community.


We're sorry to read about your experience and we do appreciate your loyalty. Offers and promotions change often and if it was possible, we would have already offered you a similar plan in a heart beat. We just laucnhed the plan you are referring to in response to our competitors so make sure to keep an eye out in your account as things might change faster than you think!