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Froo 5GB data Offer from sms

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi I reveived an sms from 4745 that i will get 5GB data. However when I click the link, it keeps asking me to sign eventhough I already signed in so many time. Is it legit?



Hi there @Lianl , great question. If you clicked through and nothing happened,  perhaps you don't need to do anything and the bonus is already applied to your account. You could go to your account online and take a look at your plan to see if your bonus was added. If you are concerned that this could be a scam, call fido from your device to 611 and inquire about the promotion you received. If you are worried, depending on how much information you provided,  you can always change your password on the website and app. To me, it looks legitimate, the text was personalized and gave you the option to accept. I am of the mindset to always check the source. You never can tell without confirming the legitimacy.  The short code 4745 is used by Fido for special promotions. Hope that helps