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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

On February 12 2024 I received emails from Fido saying there was a hardware upgrade and a account that has been activated I lodged in to my account to see what's going only to realize that there's a extra number on my account upon inspection I saw there was a upgrade with a phone device ( iPhone 15 Pro Max 512gb ) that was upgraded to my number and that there was a line that was added with the same device ( iPhone 15 pro Max 512gb ) I called Fido customer service they opened a fraud case a day later I received a call from a lady from the fraud department stating that I called saying that I did these transactions I explained to her I haven't she said the representative that talked with supposedly me to approve the order would call me someone called Jackson I never received a call back since then there was no update so I decided to call again they said to open another case with customer service  which I did since then the cases keeps on being closed by idk who for what reason in the meanwhile from feb 12 2024 till today march 1 2024 there's someone calling in pretending to be me trying to make changes on my account luckily a agent recongnized my voice because I called a day earlier to figure out with what's going on with the cases that keep on being closed and I also received a bill of 400$ today I call again for the status ps the 4 case that's been closed the last tells me I called to approve these transactions which I didn't if you guys check

my call logs listen to the calls  u guys would realize it's not me especially when there's someone calling trying to add lines pretending to be me !!!!! now I'm here left with a 400$ bill I don't know what to do anymore I'm hopeless 

i need a resolution asap before I take this to the better business bureau (BBB) ps it's been roughly 3 weeks that nothing has been done the lady I talked to also informed me the devices are being used ..... not only there's devices being used on my name that are fraudulent u guys aren't providing with any resolution I also talked to a supervisor that said he would message the fraud management team since then nothing has been I'm really stuck in this loop hole I don't know what to do !?!?!



Hi there @InesTouati and welcome to the Community!


Really sorry to read about what happened and like @Original_Lucy said, these forums are user driven and so for assistance, it is always best to reach us out through our official support channels here.


With that said, if your situation is still unresolved, please let us know here and we'll be happy to see what we can do for you here in private, thank you.


Hello @InesTouati so sorry to hear about the fraudulent use of your account. Unfortunately we as community forum members, are unable to access any account information. I highly suggest you contact fido's credit department by calling *611 from your device and also going into your account and locking the suspect devices so that cannot be used. Then I would suggest you getting the police involved on the fraud and getting an incident number from them. I cannot think of any other ways to stop the use of your account and prevent your costs to go up. I wish you a favourable outcome.