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Fraud concerns

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

My account had been suspended, after checking I figured out, I have an email about an Iphone pro11 deleviry, and a Nip Changement(I dont know what is a Nip), I check with customer service, and I could hopefully reopen my Account, then proceeded immediately to change my passeword, seconds after I receive again  NIP change email confirmation!!!

I m still afraid, someone trying something, I left a vocal msg on the fraud call center num, and no answer up to now,,,I dont feel comfortable about this..

Can I get a help?



Hey @loubnadahri! Philippe here.


Has our fraud team gotten back to you since your post? If not, we'll be happy to help you if If you still have concerns, if you wish. Upon your request, we can send you a PM for support.


Let us know!