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Forwarding my FIdo Cell Phone while outside of Canada

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi Folks:

I have a FIDO mobile phone number and I am currently on the Fido Plus roaming feature while stuck in Australia trying to get home. A couple of questions:

     1) Can I forward my FIDO phone number to another CANADIAN phone number while I am out of Canada?

     2) The number I am forwarding my FIDO phone number to is a VOIP line with a company that allows me unlimited international calling and I can forward the VOIP line to an Australian number. Will I incur any "roaming" charges on my fido phone for these forwarded calls? NOTE: my FIDO phone will be turned OFF once this is all set up.



Hey @Dave-Melnyk  Very_Happy


When it comes to your first question, most of our plans include Call Forwarding as a feature, but there is a fee for the calls (per minute), unless you have an add-on on your line.


You can see the details of your plan's features on your bill or directly via the Fido My Account app.


As for your second question : 

  • Unconditional Call Forwarding won’t be charged roaming because the call is forwarded before it reaches your phone.
  • Conditional Call Forwarding is billed regular roaming charges. Since you’re not roaming on our network, we can’t predict the type of charge you’ll get as this depends on how the carrier you’re roaming on has set up this feature on their network (e.g. even if you have Fido Roam, you might get charged pay-per-use airtime and long-distance fees etc.)

You can find more info about these two options here.


Hope this helps!