First Bill

First Bill

First Bill

I'm a Participant Level 1

First Bill



Recieved my first bill. I was under the impression that since I signed up online through there would be no setup fee.


I signed up for the 45$ plan and brought my own phone.


I understand I'm paying for my first 2 months but I'm not sure where the $45 setup fee came from.


Where do I go from here for clarification?


Thank you.


Hey there @Bradley85 and welcome to Fido and the Community!


You are right when you say there shouldn't be any setup fee for activating online. So getting a surprise on your first bill is not something we want to happen and we apologize for that.


The best place for you to have this checked out would be to reach us through our servicing channel here if it hasn't been done already.


If it has been done, can you tell us what were you told regarding this situation?