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Fido won't allow me to do a phone upgrade.

I'm back
I'm back

Weve been Fido customers for over 10 years. Out of the blue , a year ago they accused us of having opened an account with Rogers 11 years ago and promptly it was closed down due to " non payment "

Obvious someone stole our identity from the rural mail boxes. Opened an account and failed to pay.  Rogers shut the account down and billed $6500 for devices and not fulfilling the contract. However,  we hadn't heard a word about this   EVER! 11 years after the fact Fido wont renew our contract.  Absurd! 

My credit it stellar. Always paid our bills ...for 10 years. suck!




Hello @Tracykroeker and welcome to the Community.

That's a particular situation and this is definitely not the experience we want for any customer.


We are always happy to go over your options with you for an upgrade. At the same time, we can take a look at what was discussed so far to see what we can do.


You can find the ways to reach us on our Contact page here.


We can also send you a PM here on the Community. Let us know what's best for you.