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Fido Brightstar Issue

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Last month-November,2019 I lost my phone (iph 11 pro) and raised a claim with brightstar. They asked for rent deed and one address proof. I submitted my rent agreement and license along which clearly shows my address. Now again after following up they are asking for some other bill/car RC to confirm my identity (as if my license is not enough-which clearly has my photograph and address on it).I do not have a utility bill on my name as I am living on rent and all the utility bills are on my landlord's name.Also I do not have any vehicle in my name and I am sure even if I had submitted the Rc,they would have asked for something else.At this point it looks like Bright star will just give me the run around and not approve this claim at all and drag till the end. Worst thing is they don't tell me what they need by email or phone, unless I call brightstar to follow up on the claim. I have to do that every other day and no end in sight to get a new phone. So much for getting a new device which I am entitled to as I am paying the insurance premium for the same.
I am your subscriber,therefore i request you to kindly intervene and help in getting my claim.