Fido ripping off old customers?

Fido ripping off old customers?

Fido ripping off old customers?

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Fido ripping off old customers?

Can anyone on here please help me understand why Fido always looks to rip off old customers? It's absolutely hilarious that almost every single one of their new and much better plans are ONLY for "new activations" or "device upgrades".

Right now, I have two lines with Fido and one of them is stuck on $50 for 4gb of data, FOUR. It's pretty stupid to be paying for such a measly amount of data when they're offering new customers 9gb for the same amount of money. Can anyone help me understand this nonsensical logic?

On a side note, does anyone know how easy/difficult it is to port my numbers from Fido to say Freedom or Telus or anything else for that matter?

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Feel your pain. I was exactly in the same plan (i recently posted on the forum about my experience).. As per your question on how easy is to port to another carrier, I port over to virgin and it took less than an hour on a weekend.


hope it helps!


Hey @rsa02,


We definitely want to provide our existing customers with the best prices and offers. We would love to look over your account in order to find the best deal for you. 


In order to get this process started, you will need to reach out to us here or we can send you a private message via the community.


Let us know how you'd like to proceed. 😃


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Hi Anthony,


I did reach out to customer care on chat, they weren't of much help, unfortunately, although they did help me out with some bonus for 2 months. I'm ok to chat on PM as well, however, I think that Fido should give offers to their existing customers too and not just new ones. This ploy was used on me a few months ago with some "bonus" data for a new activation. Since then, plans have only gotten better and I feel ripped off

Great! I've sent you a PM. Talk to you there!😃


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I have a concern aswell, I just upgraded my phone from an Iphone 6 to a S10. I was not allowed to keep my old plan, which kind of ticked me off. I had a $50 for 5 GB of data and was forced a downgrade because "we no longer carry small plans." so now I'm paying the same amount for less data, that makes sense.

Now I see that you have a $50 for 9GB of data, I tried to switch it through the online interface however it doesn't seem like you allow it because it's for phone upgrades or new plans only?

My phone is literally less than a month old and haven't paid my first bill yet for it, I would like to switch to this plan as I literally just had a phone upgrade, or because I decided to stick with Fido and upgrade a new phone with them a bit earlier than the promotion will I be punished for that? If so that would be extremely unfair and questionable on marketing techniques.

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Just to update: I contacted support and had it resolved. Very satisfied.

Hey @DaveF


Sorry to learn that you decided to leave us. If you change your mind, we would be happy to have you back.





I'm glad to find out everything was resolved on your end.



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I got a phone from them I me minuet after I ahve it in my hands it black screens cannot get it to work amdnfido has offered me no help at all just run around BS every single time which is sickly that they do not care to help amd I am stuck with a phone that is F'd up I think they should at rlata allow to send it in amd trade it for a new Phome as that is stupid not to help or care just spew out the same tired **bleep** over and here get it caring about old customers 

Hey @RaddiantYapper,


That's definitely not the way we want you to feel. Rest assured we value our existing customers and we're always looking to provide the best offers, promotions and service to all our customers. 


That said, we can definitely look over your account with you. Feel free to reach out to us through these channels in order to look into the situation with you. Alternatively, we can send you a private message via the community.


Let us know how you'd like to proceed.😃



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And how would you help huh every time I ask for help I get the rum around them get suggested things I cannot pyschially do all the time that is disgusting and then your helpers who are not good at all think they helped them disconnect and ahve to start the BS all over agin getting no help you also shun your long ti customers for newer ones given them deals amd treating them good whole is loyal and long term ones get nothing that is not right there m th the least how about you offer axtual help and not say we can figure this out every time them give em no help and hat is so adult amd disgusting amd your service it tanks in the negative it gives no help to me at all just means does a complete run around then poof they think we helped when you ahve done jack all every time 

Hey @RaddiantYapper


Sorry to see you feel this way. We woul be happy to go over your account to see your options.

There's a PM coming your way. Talk to you soon.

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I totally agree with you. NEVER got any bouns or offer.
I have the hardware upgrades with financing last month, from the date I got the phone from costco, I keep asking fido if I can get the offer like others, like $50-10GB, $45-5G/6G, However, everytime chat with the agent online or FB, Fido's answer is NO...
I have a contract until Jul 27, 2022, with $50-4GB,Sad! 

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ouch! That's pretty horrible!