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Fido referral - nothing less than a scam

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I referred a friend to Fido considering that we both get one month credit. Referral was successful and it was verified by FIDO apart team.


Having no credit in almost 3 months, reached out to Fido Spark and here the story begin - all random execuses to deny the referral credit (even it was verified earlier by same Fido Spark team), I shared all details including their own policy links and now team even have stopped replying to my email.


This is all scam to lure new customers and not fulfilling Fido referral credit by giving **bleep** random reasons.


Have asked my friend to move away from this provider as soon as minimum duration is done (for porting out). Fido Spark is so shameful that they don't even respond to email anymore !


Advise to users stay away from referring any friend. There are good providers in market (even if you pay more), their customer service and services promises are better n reliable .