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Fido price and supervise horrible

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1


I have been with Fido for so long. I would say about 9 years. I don’t know why I didn’t leave fido before. We had fido money which was keeping me with Fido but all of sudden it got removed without my intention. When I asked for my $130 (aprox.) they said its too late. I got pissed-off but I was like what the hell/ and leave Fido. Now after so many years, I am again standing on a spot where I have a regret of staying with Fido. Rogers and other provider are offering $45 for 5GB. I switched my husband phone by saying I am getting almost the same plan so let me stay the way as is. Just after 2 weeks I got notice that my 2 GB was just a bonus data which is expiring next month and I got over charged. I have been begging since that to keep my plan as is. Rogers promo got expired and my husband was really mad at me by not switching the plan when he asked me. He is refusing to pay my bill. 2 GB is not enough. I have been begging Fido people to give me something equal to the cost I am paying but they are keep offering $50.00 plan. I was so shocked to know that they are ok if one of their customer will leave. The customer who has given them business for 9 years with multiple lines. Has internet service as well. They don’t care if you will stay with them or not. I am feeling helpless and very dissatisfied. I wish I would bring this to president’s intention that after keeping service with you for 9 years is full of regret where I am helpless looking for different provider.



Hey @tazhar11, welcome to the community! 


We're sad to read that! That's certainly not the kind of experience we expect to provide. We would like you to stay with us. 


You can contact us from here or we can send you a PM from the community, we'd be happy to help.


Let us know!