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Fido overall great, Fido website/app horrible

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

First let me start by saying very pleased with Fido in general, have had an account since 2008. The coverage, tech support and prices for phones all very good.


The only gripe I have is the app (not the worst but not great) but particularly the website is literally the worst website I use on a regular basis. It's so bad I kind of wonder how/why Rogers don't realise how bad it is. Especially anything to do with logging into my account. In general it looks like a 12 year old designed it. I almost wonder is it purposely this bad because it's Rogers' flanker carrier?


How hard is it to build a decently designed website?! 


Anyone else find issues or is it just me... 



The looks don't bother me, the login is a nightmare it takes forever and then sometimes it won't logout it will just hang.

If you are logged in you can't browse the phones section you either have to logout or go through an upgrade process to see the phone selection.


The app is the worst for me, it hangs so much and takes forever to login also. The Fido Xtra section never works for me if there is something to claim or a contest to enter I always have to do it through other phones on my account.