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Fido marked my credit card report as deceased person for $1 balance.

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

My account no: xxxxxxxxx.
In feb,2019 Fido marked my credit card as Deceased person for an outstanding payment of $1. Because of which i was denied credit card for 2 years, my credit score check was disabled by Transunion because I was tagged as 'deceased' by fido. It has been a nightmare for me in dealing with Fido over this. They have generated a case no. (Which i can provide on request) and told me to follow up after 15-30 days because their internal department never contacts the customer they said, so to which I did the follow up call but still no response over this matter. This is mental harassment. My credit score has dropped significantly and this is ongoing for more than 2 years now!!! This is a serious issue and Fido has resolve this on priority basis.


Hello @KishorB , that sounds very distressing. The only way to resolve the credit issue is through Fido's credit department. We, unfortunately cannot assist with account or credit issues as we are a community forum. You may want to reach out to fidosolutions on Twitter and request assistance with your account. You can send them a direct message and they will reply to you. If that doesn't work for you then here are a few ways to contact Fido's customer support.