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Fido marked my credit card report as deceased person for $1 balance.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

My account no: xxxxxxxxx.
In feb,2019 Fido marked my credit card as Deceased person for an outstanding payment of $1. Because of which i was denied credit card for 2 years, my credit score check was disabled by Transunion because I was tagged as 'deceased' by fido. It has been a nightmare for me in dealing with Fido over this. They have generated a case no. (Which i can provide on request) and told me to follow up after 15-30 days because their internal department never contacts the customer they said, so to which I did the follow up call but still no response over this matter. This is mental harassment. My credit score has dropped significantly and this is ongoing for more than 2 years now!!! This is a serious issue and Fido has resolve this on priority basis.


Hello @KishorB , that sounds very distressing. The only way to resolve the credit issue is through Fido's credit department. We, unfortunately cannot assist with account or credit issues as we are a community forum. You may want to reach out to fidosolutions on Twitter and request assistance with your account. You can send them a direct message and they will reply to you. If that doesn't work for you then here are a few ways to contact Fido's customer support.

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

Really Fido's credit department... they* are very irresponsible.... Fido Made an hard credit enquiry on my credit profile without my consent and when I talked to Fido's credit deptt... this gentleman from fido credit ops team told me that "this is for bill and payment we don't talk about your credit score.. you need to check with whoever and whatever credit bureau you talking about.. " 

Hey there @king12345,


Sorry to read about what happened. Have you got the chance to speak with our cutomer service department for assistance already? If not, we invite you to reach us out in private on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram an we'll be happy to sort this out for you. We hope to chat with you soon!