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Fido is charging me an absurd amount of money

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

If I hadn't been shell-shocked by the bill I received for this month and researched online to find out I am being charged 15CAD per DAY on top of my original plan, I would have been kept in the dark still!! I am traveling outside of Canada and have a general idea of how expensive roaming is so I refrained from ever using the roaming service. I am not sure how the bill and the one I received the past month are reasonable or justified. I would like a refund. 


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Senior MVP

Hello Billard,


  Welcome to the community!


  In addition to what has already been mentioned below, it's important to note that your device might use services for which you did not intend.


   In order to prevent roaming charges, it is usually recommended to disable data and roaming data. However, it should be noted that disabling roaming data does not prevent roaming for voice or text messaging. It would also be recommended to keep Airplane or Flight modes enabled for the duration of trips. You could manually enable Wifi when required. I understand doing so would also prevent incoming SMS or emergency calls. However, people need to know how their devices behave if they intend on keeping their devices available for those services.


Hope this helps 😀





Hello @Billard,


Welcome to the community!


I understand getting higher than normal bills can be overwhelming, as for the Fido Roam I understand you try to refrain from using it but if you are still being charged for it would depend on what is triggering it.

The Fido Roam charge will trigger when you use your device to make or receive a call, send a text message or use data while abroad, just receiving SMS would not incur the roaming charge. However, the data contained within MMS would be considered roaming data and trigger the roaming charge. 


If you do not want to use Fido Roam, you can contact customer service and request to opt-out of the Fido Roam. After opting out, any usage would be on apay-per-use.


You can get more information regarding, Fido Roam, here.