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Fido is a rip off

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi everyone my name is Annie im a fido customer for soo many years however last month I actually came to know how heartless Fido policies are and what the company stands for. 

In Jan 2021 I mistakenly called my husband few times and forget to disconnect the call now in Feb when I see my bill is 215cad which was only 55cad im on minimum hrs becz of the pandemic so I went store to explain the fido guy he said he understand because of the pandemic and all I should explain these things to Customer service guys they will be able to adjust the bill as I have been a valued customer to fido for soo many months and I called them believe me guys I will post everything on Vanciuver Community page and I will port my line after bill payment.

The customer rep first listen all my pain and agony I was going through kept me on connecting and disconnecting that a guy chatted with me for 30mins without giving any hope of cutting down the bill I explained him the situation and im willing to pay the bill just only half I can pay I have not used the service im being a loyal customer and im speaking the truth to you than he spoke with the supervisor and he said policy are in place for you and pay in full and get over with it seriously than they transferred me to the concern team a rep and they spoke to me in debt collector tone hey you wanna pay full or installment I told them I can't pay to yall its a geniune mistake plz cut down my bil gimme one chance they said noooo you pay we are suckers and we will rip you off for not using services too 

Anyways all in all I will still say God bless them all Fido you lost a customer and my faith is down the barrel to yiu too God bless you buh I just asked my bill is 55cad per month yall are charging me 215cad plz reduce some amount I will pay and I have being paying every month right on time its just a honest mistake however they showed wat a true valued customer im. 



Hello @Annieskag,


I can understand receiving a higher than expected bill can be overwhelming but in your case, you did make the calls, and can't fault Fido because you forgot to end the call.


Fido as a company does recognize that with the current situation peoples finances can be a bit strained so they introduce a Payment Program where you can work out a payment arrangement to pay off your bill over a period of time, you will need to reach out to the Credit Operations department and they can assist you with that, you can get more information here.