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Fido has plunged me into debt!

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I am a non-Canadian who has been in Canada on a work permit. I left the country in August last year with plans to come back. In October, I still couldn't come back so I called to request a temporary suspension of the line. I was told this is supposed to cost $7 a month. Why, then, am I still being charged $98 a month! For a line which I don't even use!!! This is more than I was even paying when I was using the line in Canada. I have called @FiDom Fido a few times (mind you overseas calls cost a lot of money) and they keep claiming they have credited the money back to me but they haven't. This money is not reflecting on my credit card. At this point I have been charged more than $500 what I should have paid! How is this fair, Fido? I don't have money to pay this ridiculous bill. This is incredibly unfair. Rest assured I will be contacting my credit card company and whoever else I need to contact to make this a legal matter if you don't credit that money back to me. As if it's not hard enough losing income due to this coronavirus crisis, now I have to find more than $500 to pay for a service I didn't get???



Hello @nicolemo,


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If you had requested to suspend your account for $7 per month and this isn't what you're getting, we'll need to go over your account with you.


You can contact us using these methods in order to get in touch with us.