Fido data scam scheme

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Fido data scam scheme

Every few months (1-3 times a year) I supposedly go over my data limit of 6GB. 

It usually plays like this, one day all of a sudden I would go from my usual usage of 50-200MB/day to a 990MB in 1 day! 


First of all, I know I did not use that amount!

I would know, after all I usually listen to a radio or a podcast plus I monitor my usage on my iPhone religiously. There is simply no way, why would I ever use that much data plus I remember what I did on that particular day!


However, what is even more concerning is the way Fido deals with those situations. 

What always happens to me is, I supposedly go over the limit let's say on June 18, and the next day (June 19) I would receive an SMS notification that I used 100% of my data, followed (the same day) by another SMS telling me "I've exceeded the amount of data included in my plan by $50. For your protection...".

BTW - $50 for 500MB?!!


At that point, I would turn off data on my phone, yet it is always too late, considering those notifications are delayed by 12-24 hrs 

There is simply no way to win!


Fido refuses to setup their system that would allow automatic stop on data usage once I reach my data limit or at least to send SMS immediately once that happens.

Fido is claiming that there is no way to do it, yet somehow there IS a way to do it ONCE I go over $50 worth of data usage!! To top it off, they have the audacity to claim they are doing it for my protection!


You might say there is the option to call their customer service, but you know how frustrating it is. They wil lecture you about basic, common sense stuff of how to monitor your usage and not doing this and that. Of course they will not accept your explanation that that did not happen in the first place and that there is nothing they can do to change it, etc. 

So, because of Fido's lack of care or outright fraud I cannot use data on my phone for 1-2 weeks, I incur extra $50 charges and maybe if I spend an hour or more on the phone they will  give me some credit and a lecture. Lucky me!


Shame on you Fido!!

You know it and we know it, implementing those changes (allowing auto data stop and/or instant SMS notification) would be technically trivial nowadays, but I guess it is a good business for you to extort extra $50 for meagre 500MB!?


I have been with you since 1997, but now more and more often I'm asking myself - are they worth my loyalty? There must be something better?

Should I switch, are other companies better in this regard?



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Re: Fido data scam scheme

Hello JasonParker,


  Welcome to the community!


  If you have a plan which does not have Data Tracker, then you will not receive warnings about going over your allotted data limit. 


  If you do have a plan which is compatible with Data Tracker, you should note that the text message alert is sent only after the data session has finished. This means you will not receive any notification while you are still connected to the internet. If you exceed any of those limits in a single session, the notifications will still be sent only after you finish the session.


  Data Tracker a feature of some of the newer plans -- same as Spotify, Fido Roam, and Data Top-ups are features only available to some newer plans. I believe the notifications were introduced to allow customers to purchase Data Top-ups before their usual allotments ran out. Since those of us with older plans cannot avail of Data Top-ups, the only text message we will receive is once we have reached the maximum in overage charges ($50 or $100 in roaming data overage charges) -- with the option to continue using overage data (as per the Wireless Code).


  I understand you monitor your data regularly. Have you verified that your device does not have Wifi-assist enabled? Have you verified you do not have any automatic back-ups or updates enabled? If those settings are enabled, they can use a lot of data without your knowledge.


  If you do not currently have, and would like to receive the Data Tracker notifications, you can change your plan to a current plan which includes the service.


Hope this helps Smiley




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Re: Fido data scam scheme

Hey there @scepeda1


Welcome to the community Smiley


We do offer different coverage options and tools to track your usage. That being said, we'll need to take a closer look at your account together to better assist you.


Talk to you soon!

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Re: Fido data scam scheme

Same freaking problem. When to bed last night and when I woke up I had text messages telling me I had used all my data and that I was 700 MB over my plan. I WAS ASLEEP. 


Clearly a problem by fido, and one I'm not going to just pay up. 

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Re: Fido data scam scheme

Click here
Oh yeah, by the way, the phone was connected to wifi when this happened...

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