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Fido data charges are a big fraud

I'm a Contributor Level 2
I'm a Contributor Level 2

This company is going bankrupt. They charged me $900 in data overages with no warning at all. They all signed me up without consent which also changed my entire plan. I will do my best to expose these ridiulous fraud charges they apply to accounts. I already payed $6500 for the year of 2018. I will never refer fido to anyone 



Hello @Tim123.

This is definitely not an amount that we usually see on bills. I can understand why you are concerned about those charges.

At the same time, you should always receive a notification letting you know that you reached 90% and 100% of your data usage.

When you get a chance, take the time to go over our blog that can help you stay on top of your data usage here.


And verify your charges, we will need to access your account. You can reach us at your best convenience through our customer service channels here.