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Fido customer service terrible support

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I wanted to upgrade my phone so I called custmer service and I talked to a lady she game me loyalty deal and credits for loyalty and told me to go to store for my phone. When I went to store the store said there is no such deal she didn't put complete notes on my account and my credits were missing. So I called them again and there was some other lady which couldn't give me that deal I don't know why. We talked for 2 hours and she said she couldn't help me so I tried to talk to the supervisor. But the supervisor was terrible she didn't wanted to listen to me at all she was so rude. Can't even describe I almost wasted my 3- 4 hours talking to them and the mall closed and I came back home. The funny part is the deal 2nd customer service representative was giving me. She even disagreed to that and told me that the phone I was discussing about was for the whole time is even expensive. And told both the representative gave me wrong deal. Terrible experience do not recommend Fido to no body. They change with every representative. Totally non professional.





This is not the kind of service we want our customers to experience. To clarify, our promotions can change anytime and they can also differ in store. We would need to access your account to understand exactly what happened. You can try to reach out to customer service once again and if you don't want to call, we do servicing on Facebook or Twitter. 


Hope it helps. Smiley