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Fido can't resolve a simple issue

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Let me start off by saying that I have been a Fido customer for many years and the servivce over the years has been getting progressively worse.  It varies from not understanding due to language barriers, excessive long waits on the telephone and finally in the Office of the Presiden where they claim that they will do anything they can to assist in resolving issues.   


If you're somewhat lucky, or not, they will provide you with their telephone number, however, they don't tell you that they will never pick up a call, nor return calls and when they do its usually a week or more later, as well as replying to emails.  


My issue started in December when I purchased 2 I phone 12 which I was given wrong information, as I wanted the 256 GB but was given the smaller version.  I informed Fido that one of the phones was for a Christmas gift and that I was unable to exchange it in the 15 allotted days.  This is when I spoke with someone in the President's Office, after many and many tries.


Since December 27 there have been numerous phone calls to Fido and 2 calls with the Office of the Preisdent who eventually send one phone but not the other.  Again after waiting for a very long time and more contacts with Fido, I was finally told that they were not in stock and that I would have to wait about a month.  


I waited until almost the end of February when I called Fido again and was told that the phones were in.  No one from the President's Office called me, like he said he would.  I was told by Fido that I would have received the phone by the end of the week as it was in the process of being picked up by Purolator.   I didn't receive any phones.


More calls to both Fido and the President's Office, and on February 23, 2021 I got a call from their Authorization Department because they wanted to make sure that I had made the reques for the Iphone 12.   (My file must be a foot high, he didn't have to call for this). Anyway, again I was told that the phone would be sent by Purolator.  


On February 23 I sent an email to The President's Office and left a voice mail, and guess what, still nothing.  In my email I specifically said that I do not intent to pay for this phone because of the aggavation that they have put me through since December 27, 2020, although I have been offered 2 credits, but I would very much like to have he phone.  Still no reply and no return calls.  I have been too much for this simple issue, I have been unable to give the phone as a gift to my granddaughter for Christmas and because of all of this, I feel that I should be compensated to the fullest.  I will NOT be renewing my contract with Fido once this one expires and will not have anything nice to say about anyone who plans to getting involved with them.


If anyone reads this, I would appreciate any help or feedback you can provide.


Thank you






Hey @Marieliberatore


I'm sorry to learn that you weren't satisfied with the recent service you received from us. I can assure you that it's not the kind of service we aim to provide. 


Accessing your account would definitely be needed in order to understand the situation fully. We can also send a request to the Office of the President for you, but I'm sure this can be resolved through customer service. You can either reach out through those channels or we can send you a PM from here if you prefer.