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Fido Winback Team is scamming customers,

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Fido Winback team has scammed me , more than fifty times they called me since last year and made me join Fido again, then started sending  emails of huge amounts in  bills  . 

Thye did not provide me  DATA as promised,  International call minutes as promised,   I believe they are scamming former customers with the knowledge of Fido Management, or  it would have stopped already.   Please forward this to the concerned office in Fido.  Fido is most unreliable mobile provider.  



Hello @Jacobs2023 , sorry to hear that you're having difficulty getting your account sorted out. I don't feel that the winback depth is a scam, but I do agree something went wrong with the communication or set up of your account. Here are the ways to contact Fido's customer support or if you look further down the page there is an option to report your issue to Fido. Hope you get a resolution