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Fido Roam - Automatic Charge - WARNING

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I've read this discussion and I see that people were only charged when they actually used Fido service - sent SMS, made a call, etc.


But in my case I got charged $14 per day without using Fido services at all. I kept roaming off in iPhone settings and used the hotel wifi to access the internet. What was my surprise to see additional $70 in my bill!!!


Fido members say "mobile plan is automatically covered by Fido Roam". What this coverage actually means is: "We'll charge you $14 per day" even if you 1. turned off your roaming 2. did 0 calls and user 0 kb of data.


Also, noone at Fido store mentions that you have this marvelous coverage that will charge you abroad automatically. 


Fido members say post facto "oh but you got SMS saying we'll charge you $14 per day". Let me show you the text of this SMS: 

> You've got Fido Roam so go ahead and use your plan's existing data,

> talk and text like you do at home. The rate is $14/day (+tax) in this

> destination and is valid each day until 11:59PM ET, no matter what

> time zone you are travelling in.


What part of this SMS says I'll be automatically charged $14 per day? "You've got Fido Roam" is the most vague description of "your plan has a feature you didn't enable".


After two years with Fido, I'm thinking to move on. Very disappointing.


TLDR: You keep your roaming off and they still charge you for roaming. 


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

It shouldn't be allowed to charge when you assume roaming is off. I had pulled my sim card and they still charged. Which doesn't make sense. i didn't sign up for this.

Hi there @kerri2 and welcome to the Community!


We understand it's never pleasant to receive a higher bill and we can assure you that we wouldn't charge you for a call or usage that never happened.


That said, have you got the chance to review your call/usage history on your PDF bill and link it with the date of the Fido Roam charge to see what usage triggered it?


If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach on of our rep through one of our servicing channels here.


Hello @IIkwmlkm,


Welcome to the community! 


Was your phone on airplane mode or was roaming disabled simply?

If data roaming was the only feature checked off it would still allow your phone to connect to a US tower.