Fido Report to both credit bureaus?

Fido Report to both credit bureaus?

Fido Report to both credit bureaus?

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Fido Report to both credit bureaus?

I  got a question about Fido reporting to credit bureaus ,

I had 2 rogers which I see on both report but my permanent Fido line has been in Transunion only and not in Equifax, so I sent the dispute form of Equifax and I have to ask the creditor to report it to Equifax, so my questions are 1, if Fido report to Equifax first of all? and 2. if yes Which/Where should I call to ask Fido to report my payments to Equifax?



Hey @alimosabebi


Fido reports to the credit bureaus on a monthly basis under the trade line section of the credit file. We report with both Equifax and Trans Union in this case. You mentioned requesting with Equifax to have this information reflected on their report. Did you hear back from them? Is it possible they were not displaying the most updated report? 

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Hello @FidoPierre 

Thanks for replying , 

I don't have any information on my Equifax of Fido , however yeah I contacted them and they told me they can't do anything unless the creditor(which is in this case Fido) report it to them , SO I was wondering is there any phone# in Fido I can call and ask that they report it to Equifax or not?

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Hi Ali,


I actually have a very similar situation with you.

I'm curious whether you manage to get it all sorted out.


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Hi Oobobo,

by the time I posted this nope, 

but somehow this has been fixed by either Fido reporting to Equifax or Equifax finally resolved this issue , starting early October this year I see my Fido on both Transunion and Equifax both

I would like to take a closer look into this with you.


I'll send you a PM so we can check it out together.