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Fido Phone Exchange: Unresolved Issues

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I purchased a new Fido phone online last week as a way of upgrading my device. After receiving the phone, I decided that I would like to exchange it for a different device. I checked online to see how I can exchange the device but there was hardly any information, let alone helpful information. I went to a Fido store but they told me I could only initiate an exchange online since the phone had been purchased online. I called Fido last Sunday to inquire about how to initiate the exchange. The representative told me someone would call me on either Monday or Tuesday from the team that handled returns and exchanges. I never received a call. 

When I didn't receive a call back from the returns/exchanges team, I called Fido again to explain what happened and told the repsentative that all I wanted to do was exchange the device I got for a different device. The person with whom I spoke kept me on the phone for nearly an hour while they said they were entering my request in the system. They told me the device I wanted (iPhone 13) would be shipped to me and I could return my current phone (iPhone 12 mini) via mail. 

I just received the new device in the mail. To my frustration, rather than sending me the new device I had requested, Fido sent me the SAME iPhone 12 mini in the mail. I now have two iPhone 12 minis that I need to return. I wanted to take advantage of the Black Friday sales to get the iPhone 13 at a good price, but at this rate Fido has done nothing to help me get the issue resolved and I could very likely miss out on the sales. I tried calling their customer service number, was left on hold for 37 minutes, and was then dropped off the call before I could even speak to someone. I tried calling back but it said that no calls could be taken at that time due to an extremely high call volume. I could easily go to a Fido store to try to resolve the issue, but I know they would tell me that they can't help me since the phone(s) were purchased online/over the phone.

All I wanted was to exchange one device for another. Now I have two devices I need to return and haven't been able to get the device I actually want since Fido makes their return/exchange process so incredibly cryptic and confusing. Usually, I've found that Fido service has been really good but lately it's been a nightmare. I wouldn't have stayed with Fido or upgraded me phone had I known this whole process would be so unnecessarily difficult and seemingly impossible to resolve. 



Hey @alyssamcleod_26!  We're sorry to read about your experience with our customer service. That's certainly not the kind of service we want to offer you. Have you been able to get assistance since your post? If not, you can contact us through one of our channels and we'll be happy to help you.