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Fido Needs to Rebrand

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

So I'm back to Fido after spending some years with Fizz and a very short stint with Public Mobile. It has a familiar look and all. My time with Fido was good - it just something better came along.


The thing is, when I look at Fido vs the competition I don't see much that stands out. It feels like I'm just here on a temporary launch pad to another provider. What sets Fido apart? Fido Dollars is a thing of the past and now Fido XTRA is for the history books. What's left? 5 free unlimited data hours per month? That's meh at most considering Fido and everyone one else is handing out data like crazy instead of lowering prices.


What is everyone else doing?

Fizz is postpaid, self serve and BYOP with also the option to purchase or finance at 0%. Their plans are highly customizable as you can pick and choose features and data you need which puts you in control of your monthly plan costs - and you can change them every month! They also have pay as you go rates and roaming packages and reasonable rates. They offer perks and upgrades the longer you stay with them. Best of all they have rollover and shareable data.


Koodo has pretty much the same plans as Fido most time. But they give you the option to choose a perk such as rollover data, enhanced voicemail etc.


Virgin Plus has member benefits and now also offers plans with 5G.


Public Mobile is prepaid for 30 or 90 day plans where you choose the data speeds 3G 4G 5G and amount of data or Canada-USA calls. It's pretty much a self serve operation. They have roaming to the USA add on packages. They have a reward points system which you can use towards add ons or to save on your monthly bill.


Freedom Mobile has the best plans in town for the lowest prices and yearly prepaid plans.


Lucky Mobile and Chatr... well I find they're just meh but maybe I'm missing something. And nevermind the top tier brands cause they're just not what many people look for.


Maybe it's time for Fido to take a look at the mobile phone landscape.  It's changing like never before. Maybe it's time for a rebrand and try to be innovative. Just tossing data at consumers isn't going to work in the long term.


What will make Fido stand out?



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Hello TheBlackCat,


   Welcome to the community!


  It's always good to be fully informed of one's options. However, everyone has their own notion of what is important to them. What you might consider meh, might be someone else's lifeline.


 Just a matter of clarification, though.


@TheBlackCat wrote:

...Fizz is postpaid...

  As far as I am aware, Fizz Mobile is a pre-paid service. While their plans might be monthly, I believe they are still pre-paid (Fido also has monthly pre-paid options). On their How it works page, they note how one can use pay-as-you-go data from their Fizz Wallet once their data limit has been reached. Requiring funds to be available prior to usage is pre-paid.


  In addition, one of the reasons Fizz needs to be so innovative with their options is due to their very limited subscription area. Compared to the other providers (even with Freedom's regional service), Fizz's subscription area is only a fraction of the others.


  Does that mean the other providers don't need to change? No. Every business should continually evaluate what works and what does not. As you note, Fido is the only provider offering the 5 Hours Data Boost. I understand that feature might not appeal to you, however, it might still attract others. Perhaps they will also introduce something to replace Fido Xtra...