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Fido Bait and switch with plans and offers

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2



I would like to file a complaint. On November 19, I had called fido to upgrade my line with an iphone 12. I had spoken to 2 different agents in the afternoon. I wanted to upgrade 2 lines with black Friday promos.


The first agent I spoke to gave me an offer $50 plan for 12 GB + 5 GB bonus (already on my account) + 5GB bonus as part of loyalty. Making it total $50 with 22 GB plan I confirmed with her twice and I was assured it will work at the time of the upgrade to Iphone 12.

Then I called again for another question, the second agent said that 5 GB + 5 GB add on will not work so instead he can put through same $50 plan for 12 GB + 5GB Bonus (already on my account) + 2 GB bonus as part of loyalty. Making it total $50 with 19 GB plan. I confirmed if this plan would work and I was again assured this time it will be okay for upgrade to Iphone 12.

When I got to the store while doing my second upgrade the same night. I called Fido, whilst at the store over the phone with another fido agent, I was told that all the previous plans provided by the previous agents were wrong and it will not work with upgrades. I have to sign up just for $50 plan that gives 12 GB essentially cutting the Data plan in half.


I had to come back empty handed whilst I wasted 4 hours talking to the representatives and waiting in line to upgrade the phone. I have been a Fido customer since 2011 and I didn’t expect to be treated this way. I would like for Fido to fulfil their obligations as part of our verbal agreements. If you could please help with this matter.


Thank You





Hey @abadhera


Thank you for the details. We're truly sorry to learn that your recent experience hasn't been positive with us. We certainly don't want this to be the case. We do appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to improve the service we offer.


If you were offered the Black Frideal, it is most likely not compatible with bonuses. However, we'd need to take a closer look at your account to help. Please feel free to reach out to us through our Social Media channels so we can review everything together.