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Fido As Company

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Fido as company that has been around for some time now. I really dont understand why, as a company moves so slow in adapting new technology. I am having with fido since the beginning. Yes, the company has been progressing, but at a very slow rate. There are a number of issue that should be brought to light. We are still paying sky high price for service. Companies around the world have way better plans. This is the 21st century now and still dont have "unlimited data". Forget this whole data bites already. we want unlimited data already. Second the apple watch has been around for a year and a bit now. The series 3 has been out for 1 year already and the series 4 maybe two weeks now. How is that we still have to wait for this service still. Fido and Rogers customer service are one of the same. Roger has the service now. but Fido doesn't??? What kind of  is that? You may not sell the watches in store or online, but come on. Support the service at least. I know fido can support the service on the apple watch. Stop giving us those stupid answer like we can connect with bluetooth. we know we can. We don't spend the extra on the watch for that. That is why it's called GPS + "Cellular".




I'm experienced level 1
I'm experienced level 1


we are in canada , once there more carriers from other countries then there will be change.