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Cant send sms without data

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

For the last couple of days i cant send any sms without turning on mobile data. My phone set is samsung s7 edge and the places i tried sending SMS had full signal bar. I am using umlimited talk and text services. Thank you. 


I'm Experienced Level 1
I'm Experienced Level 1


i would bring your s7 to the fido store, and have the sales people check it out, perhaps you need an new sim or reset settings for s7 apn


Hello @Joydeep11jan,


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You do not need to have data enabled to send regular text messages but once a message is converted to a MMS you will need data enabled on the phone to send and received those messages (MMS are not limited to just photo or video messages some phones converts long text to MMS messages).


You do not need to have a data plan in order to send and receive the MMS but you do need to have data enabled on the phone. You will not be charged for any data usage for sending or receiving MMS.


You should note that other apps might try to use data and it can trigger a text from Fido with the option to purchase a data pass.

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Hello Joydeep11jan,


  Welcome to the community!


  It's possible your phone's messaging settings are set to automatically convert SMS to MMS if the messages contain too many characters for a single SMS. You can verify those settings: Messages --> Settings icon at the upper right hand side (three-dot icon) --> Settings --> More settings --> Multimedia messages --> Set Restrictions or Creation Mode --> Restricted or Warning or Free.



  The Restricted setting would prevent SMS from being converted to MMS. The Free setting would automatically convert SMS to MMS and the last option provides a warning that SMS would be converted.


  If your phone is converting SMS to MMS, then mobile data would need to be enabled to send the MMS. Setting the creation mode to restricted should allow you to send SMS without having to enable your data.


  Note the menus to get to the Set Restrictions or Creation Mode options might differ a little


Hope this helps Smiley