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Faulty charges on my account

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I had 1000 international minutes and i did not used all of them. Upon checking, i had used 621 total minutes including Canadian calls. so simply, it is not even close to 1000. My case runs for almost 2 months. I talked to 8-9 customer representatives and everyone agreed with me. The case was created so many times according to the Fido agents i talked to, but is not been resolved and my sim got suspended 2 times. They give me $202 faulty charges as long distance and $62 suspension fee. After that, my all bill was paid and an agent told me, as soon as the case will be resolved, it will be reflected into my next billing cycle. So i waited, but sim got suspended again, the same process follows but no one works on the issue. Everyone were giving their own views according to their prospectives. When nobody understands anything, they only have one thing remains to say, the case is created again. But nobody works on it properly and i have to start over everything again. Its like nursery kids, explain each and everything again and again. Can someone please supports me with the right thing?


Hi there @Rajinder3 , sorry you're having difficulty getting your account sorted out. We are a peer forum and cannot access anyone's account. I suggest you try contacting fidosolutions on twitter or facebook and send a direct message requesting assistance and then you will be able to dialogue with written communication. best regards, OL