I'm a Participant Level 2


This month I received my phone bill with $200 third party charges from Bango, for services that I never used, bought or authorized.


I spoke with someone called Sukhpreet from PEI online at  Fido and I was instructed to contact Bango. I have no idea who or what Bango is and how they came to access by phone bill. I expressed my reluctance to contact as I am worried that contact with them could lead to further fraudulent charges to my account . At this point Sukhpreet advised that she could put a block on hird party charges on my phone which I did. I sent an email to Bango and I am still waiting for response.


In brief, I was charged $200 fraudulently, had to spend more than 90 minutes on phone with Fido, was obliged to contact a company that I didn't know it existed until my service provider asked me to contact, and I am waiting for their reply.


I just started researching the topic this morning and I found so many similar complaints regarding the same exact issue, seriously, Fido doesn't want to fix that? This is a problem which is happening to Rogers and Fido and no one is doing anything about it. Customer service is just awful. The person I was dealing with called Sukhpreet just kept repeating hereself telling me FIDO cannot help. I must contact BANGO! I asked to have my complaint escalated to a manager and was told that her manager will tell me the same as she is telling me..basically saying there is no point in speaking with a manage!!! Why do you employ supervisors FIDO? is it not to assist paying customers??? After almost an hour of talking to Sukhpreet she eventually relented and said she will get permission for a manager to call me. I waited some more and she finally said a manager will call me within 24-48 hours! Serously FIDO!


The bill payment date is approaching and FIDO will expect me to pay this bill in full and on time other wise they will apply late payment charges to my account and possibly report me for bad credit. 


I am a long time paying customer with FIFO and extremely disappointed. Thanks Fido for your very poor customer service.


I have made a police report of this fraud and will be contacting CTV to ask them to investigate and possibly bring some publicity to this issue with FIDO and Bango as it is happing to many people, not just me . Even my credit card company is able to contact me regarding unusual transactions on my account and block fraud before it even happens. FIDO cannot simply exclude themselves from this! My FIDO account has been defrauded and I am the one having to deal with the problem. This is wrong. There must be some responsibility and care for customers.


I am being forced to make a payment for a transaction that I have no idea to whom and for what!!! I wonder if FIDO staff will like it if they are in my position.


I am doing all I can to help myself and hoping to bring some publicity on television and social media to this issue with FIDO and BANGO and even if I am unable to get any help for myself..maybe it will be of some benefit to others by raising awareness.


I'm a Participant Level 2

Thank you. Again your response is unhelpful. I am an old woman. I do not play computer games.

If a charge is made to my account without my knowledge or consent it is fraudulent. 

I will deal with BANGO directly and resolve this as you have advised and will continue to raise awareness about their relationship with FIDO and alert others to be vigilant.



Hello @Lawry,


All carriers allow third-party billing and Bango is not a fraudulent charge I'm sure on your searches you would have learnt that it's a game company.

As it turns out a lot of people play games and do not realise they activate billing through their carrier or most times its children that are allowed to use the mobile devices.


Unfortunately, the Fido representative is correct there is nothing they can do about the charges except to block third-party billing going forward. You will need to reach out to Bango directly to dispute the charges.